Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Values anyone?

So I decided to write a second post since I haven’t in a while. First off, if you’re a huge grammar freak and your critiquing is distracting your interest in my journals then you should probably go ahead click the little red ‘X’ at the top right corner of your screen. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad. ( I hope.)

Almost everyday I encounter hateful actions and spiteful words by human beings everyday. It’s everywhere! It’s in our homes, our place of work, schools, tv shows and internet. The intent of these actions obviously comes from indecency and the lack of morals. Not too long ago on the news I saw that there was 9 ( I think, I know it was a high number) teenage suicides due from bullying in a 2 month span. How horrible is that? It is our responsibility to instill integrity and morals into our children. Obviously that just isn’t being done. We are failing people!!!! We are not teaching our children love and respect for others. It is imperative for our nation and future generations survival. Eventually our existence will crumble due to the greed, bitterness, envy and hate that is consuming our world. And that’s just the thing. We focus too much on worldly possessions and self images. I’m not claiming to be a saint and there is no doubt that I have my flaws and I haven’t always treated others the way they deserve. But, as I’ve grown a little older I have learned negative actions only result with negative consequences. I also believe that if you’re an ugly person then you should probably block out a small spot in your busy schedule for a bad karma event. With all honestly, I can say that I do not have hate in my heart and I try not direct any kind of bitterness towards others. I admit that I am a grudge holder and am working hard to let that trait go. If I am ugly towards someone there is a damn good reason but I know that isn’t even a acceptable excuse. In the bible is says to turn the other cheek and Lord knows it’s hard. I try my best to keep a smile on my face and be nice to people, even strangers. Now, I’m trying really hard not to be a hypocrite because that’s another thing I can’t stand. I’m not talking about the harmless “once a month snaps” or the “woke up on the wrong side of the bed crabby mood.” I mean the kind of person intentionally tries to demean and hurt another person everyday like it’s a small task on their daily agenda. The kind that just has ill will towards a certain person they consider an enemy or is just down right hateful to everyone, everyday. I have learned that these kinds of characteristic traits one portrays is a sign of ’self loathing.’ I feel like a person of good mental health should wake up each morning and worry about their own dang life and say a little prayer thanking God for not opening up the judgment gates for them just yet. Bottom line: We need to start showing compassion and love towards one another. It’s so important that we let go of hate and learn to cordial even if you don’t see eye to eye.


  1. Love it! I see so much of myself in you...if you lived closer you and I could be Bff's and Brandon and Noah could too! ha..it just seems we all have the exact same values in life. I work with a girl that is sooooooo negative...I absolutely try my hardest not to talk to her somedays because she exudes negativity and I can not stand that. Well said girl :)